Light's Chosen

An RP venue where people can just relax and enjoy themselves. New to RP? No problem! We are here to help! LGBTQ+ Friendly 18+Wednesday 10pm - 1am ESTFamfrit - Shiro - Ward 26/ Plot 43


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Rules1. This server has zero tolerance for racism, transphobia, homophobia, etc... You'll be removed on the spot if this behavior is seen.
TL;DR Don't be a dick.
2. Please feel free to opt-in to any of our flair roles in Roles, and if you wish to see our 18+/NSFW content agree to receive that role.3. Profanity is okay within reason. I myself often partake in the usage of profanity. However, if other members express discomfort, please filter your profanity as requested.3. Please keep everything organized by keeping them in their topic channels!4. Please be mindful of spoilers! Not everyone will have seen/played/read the same things as you and may want to be kept in the dark in that retrospect. Please keep spoiler discussion to the DMS!5. Make sure you're being inclusive in your conversations; i.e. try not to spam a channel with one other person while others are trying to be included in the conversation.6. If a moderator reaches out to you with a server or behavior-related issue, please respond promptly.7. Don't bring needless drama into the server; this is a fun space. Keep it light anything serious can be dealt with on your own in DM's or with a mod. (We won't bite)8. Please make sure your server name reflects your IN-GAME NAME for ease of communication

Zara Aimes - Guest
Neriva Ravi - Waitress
Liz Chan - Owner/Greeter
X'rhoze Tia - Bartender
Onyx Ishmael - Waitress
Squid Jake - Bouncer
Kaede Takeda - Bouncer/Greeter